VIP Guests Treated to a Complimentary Lunch

As our way to give back, we hosted our first VIP lunch at Garlíc Prime Steak & Seafood on Friday, September 7th to give them a taste of our new Dinner menu.

This special event was opened up first to those who are on our subscribed to our newsletter and then to our Facebook audience. With a total of 120 VIP tickets available, tickets were gone quicker than we ever anticipated – being “sold out” in just 8 hours! With the positive feedback and hunger to get in on the action, we are excited to offer this complimentary experience again in the future to reach more of our VIPs.

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Our special guests enjoyed Chef Dan and Chef Tim’s exquisite fare such as Bang Bang Shrimp, the favorite juicy Guacamole Burger and the Drunken BBQ Burger.

This is what VIP Guest Paul had to say…

“The food and service is fantastic. It is something that I would expect in Mid-town Manhattan. Garlíc is by far the best restaurant in Stroudsburg.”

Watch our video to hear what some of our other guests had to say about Garlíc Prime Steak & Seafood!

What are YOU look forward to trying? Let us know!

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