We don’t have to see your to-do list to know how busy you are… and because we value you, we value your time. Forget about that pesky clock ticking your lunchbreak minutes away as you wait in line for a rushed bite. Wave goodbye to those grab-and-go meals as you scramble out the door in the morning. The Garlίc team is ready to do the lunch hustle for you. No, you aren’t dreaming! You can now order your meal in advance, with the option of restaurant pick-up, or complimentary 5 mile delivery.

Delivery Done Right

Take your Taco Salad outside to enjoy some sunshine and crisp iceberg lettuce topped with an array of delectable options. With protein swaps available like beef, chicken and shrimp, this salad can be adjusted to any of your cravings! Prepare yourself for a much needed palette awakening with its lightly seasoned black beans, pops of flavor in the sharp cheddar cheese and sprinkling of fresh cilantro. Push your taste bud experience to the max with our in-house Pico de Gallo, chunky guacamole and smooth sour cream. Fair warning… you’ll probably want to order the Taco Salad tomorrow, too!

Is it about time to put your feet up on the desk? Grab one of our vegetarian options, an Artisan Grilled Cheese, to float to your happy place. Bleu cheese, Swiss, Provolone and Mozzarella are melted to perfection, cuddled next to juicy tomato and sandwiched between an addictive Green Goddess dressing on warm wheat toast. You won’t want your break to end!

If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll find a spark of motivation in your first bite of the Sriracha Chicken Caesar Wrap. A soft roasted tomato wrap enfolds tenderly grilled chicken, sweet romaine lettuce and tangy black olives, crowned with a surge of zesty sriracha Caesar dressing. You’ll be revitalized and ready to kick the rest of your workday into motion.

Who’s Hungry?

Make the most of your lunchbreak and let us pamper you!

Order your next lunch by visiting us online, texting GARLICPRIME to 33733 or calling 570-476-6555 – you won’t be disappointed!