As a TEPSBEST Restaurant, we love showcasing the wealth of wonderful people that make up the Poconos – including the incredibly talented people that we have the pleasure of working with every day at Garlíc Prime Steak & Seafood. Today, we are putting the spotlight on the lives and careers of two of the best chefs in the Poconos, Chef Carlos Cepeda Colon and Chef Daniel Rivera.

Background on our Chefs

Head Chef Carlos

From the time Chef Carlos was a young boy, he was always in the kitchen cooking with his dad. Starting off as a dishwasher, he never really thought of becoming a chef. As time passed though, he realized his calling and is happy he made the decision to cook.

One of the recent dishes that stand out in his mind is octopus accompanied with pumpkin. Cooking the octopus low and slow and pairing with pumpkin, the dish turned a lot of heads for its deliciousness and the fact that you probably won’t find it anywhere else in the area.

Sous Chef Daniel

Chef Daniel always wanted to be a chef since he was little. Just like chef Carlos, he was in the kitchen with his family cooking from an early age – and he credits his family for molding him into who he his today and instilling his passion for food.

He studied culinary arts at the Universidad del Este in Carolina. He got his start professionally learning how to cook French cuisine from Michelin Star Chef Alain Duscasse at W. Retreat and Spa in en Vieques, Puerto Rico.

On the Epically Fast Growth of TEPSBEST

“When you look at the company’s growth, both front and back of house, you see how much we’ve improved. And we thank God that we’re here,” said Chef Dan in the interview – which is a sentiment that we all feel about working together.

Dynamic Duo – Working Together as Chefs

“Working with Danny is like working with a brother, for real. He listens to me and at times he is gentle because sometimes I’m strong,” laughs Chef Carlos. “Honestly, I would follow Danny to any kitchen that he would go to work.”

Chef Daniel made it clear that he feels the same way.

“I wouldn’t pick anyone else to be by my side in the kitchen other than Chef Carlos. He pushes me to be better at everything that I do. Outside of work we’re basically blood brothers. You mess with him you mess with me. We reflect that in the dishes and as a whole team, too” Chef Daniel said.

The interview ends with a bro hug, big smiles and thumbs up to the camera. Now that we’ve got all the mushy stuff out of the way, who’s hungry? Join Chefs Carlos and Daniel for dinner service at Garlíc Prime Steak & Seafood for the finest of fine dining and the most stunning upscale dishes you’ll find in the ‘Burg and surrounding areas!

Come visit the dymanic duo at Garlíc Prime Steak & Seafood and taste the passion and love they put into every plate! We are open seven days a week for dinner beginning at 4:00pm.